Subscription Options

TSO subscriptions come in three different types: Concert Series, Compose Your Own and Subscription Credit. By choosing a Concert Series, you purchase a set number of concerts, attract a high level of discount, and retain the same seats from one concert to the next and from one year to the next.
A Compose Your Own subscription gives you the flexibility to choose the concerts that interest you at discounted prices. You need to select a minimum of four concerts. From the tabs below, choose either 4-7 concerts or 8+ (the latter attracts a higher discount).
The Subscription Credit option is not available online, call the TSO Box Office: 1800 001 190, 10am-4pm Mon-Fri.

2019 TSO Concert Season
Compose Your Own 4-7 Concerts Compose Your Own 4-7 Concerts
(Multiple Venues): 29/3/19 - 6/12/19

Select 4-7 concerts and save 10% off regular ticket price.

Compose Your Own 8+ Concerts Compose Your Own 8+ Concerts
(Multiple Venues): 29/3/19 - 6/12/19

Select a minimum of 8 concerts and save 15% off regular ticket price.

Family Classics Family Classics
Federation Concert Hall: 29/3/19 - 30/8/19

Subscribe to all 3 Family Classics concerts and save 10%.

Matinee Series Matinee Series
Federation Concert Hall: 11/5/19 - 8/11/19

Subscribe to all 4 Matinee concerts and save 10%.