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Ticket Subscription Packages

TSO subscriptions come in three different types: Fixed Packages Compose Your Own (CYO) and Subscriber Vouchers. As the name suggests, Fixed Packages are a set number of concerts (e.g. the Hobart Master Series). There’s no need for you to choose the individual concerts as they’ve already been chosen for you. Simply select the packages from the tabs below.
A CYO subscription gives you the freedom to choose your concerts from across the TSO’s entire range. You must choose a minimum of four concerts. From the tabs below, choose either 4-7 concerts or 8+ (the latter attracts a higher discount).
Subscriber Vouchers are not available online, call TSO boxoffice: 1800 001 190, 10am-4pm Mon-Fri.

If you are a current 2016 subscriber to any of the following packages Click here to load your reservation for 2017.
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  • Masters + Matinee (16)
  • Masters Series (12)
  • Launceston fixed 4 or 6
  • Family Classics

2017 TSO Concert Season
Compose Your Own 4-7 Compose Your Own 4-7
(Multiple Venues): 4/3/17 - 9/12/17

Select 4 - 7 concerts from those listed and save ~10% off regular ticket price.

Please note: Each concert must have the same number of tickets and the same price type selected.

Compose Your Own 8+ Compose Your Own 8+
(Multiple Venues): 4/3/17 - 9/12/17

Select a minimum of 8 concerts from those listed and save ~15% off regular ticket price

Launceston - 6 concerts Launceston - 6 concerts
(Multiple Venues): 16/3/17 - 30/12/17

Subscribe to all 6 Launceston concerts and save ~10% and receive a complimentary ticket (of equal value)
to a Hobart Master Series concert in 2017.

Family Classics Family Classics
Federation Concert Hall: 30/3/17 - 24/8/17

Subscribe to all 3 Family Classics concerts and save ~10%

Launceston - 4 concerts Launceston - 4 concerts
(Multiple Venues): 12/5/17 - 2/11/17

Subscribe to this fixed package of 4 Launceston concerts and save ~10%

Matinee Series Matinee Series
Federation Concert Hall: 27/5/17 - 2/12/17

Subscribe to all 4 afternoon Matinee concerts and save ~10%